Manual use rtSurvey and fill form for Enumerators

1. How to register rtSurvey

  • Enumerators log into the system by entering the Username and Password (login information has been sent to enumerators in email). The default service code below is S038.

  • Click Register after completing to fill in the login information.
    After the successful confirmation, you will be directed to the login screen. In this step, please entering the default password 1 2 3 4 (Note: No need to place the cursor in the password)

2. About rtSurvey home screen

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  • The main screen of the app includes 9 items shown below:


Fill Form: Select the questionnaire to input the data.
Edit Form: Edit the the contents that have been auto-saved when users have to pause the process of data inputting temporarily for some reason.
Send Form: Send the data that has been 100% completed.
Notifications: Get notifications from the system.
Documents: Receive documents including text and images from the system.
Reports: Receive reports from the system
Review Form: Review the contents that have been completed or sent.
Map: Position enumerators
Drive: Exit rtSurvey application.

3. How to fill out the form

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  • Step 1: Open the app and log into rtSurvey on the device.
    To begin entering data, select Fill Form in the home screen, names of available forms will be displayed.


  • Step 2: Choose a form to fill out. Wait for the form to be downloaded and ready for start the interview.


How to fill out the form Sample Training/ Sample Official



4. How to submit form into the system

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  • There are two buttons to choose in the last screen
  • The app will be default to send form automatically on the system if you finalized form


5. Some techniques when filling out the form in the Baseline/ Sample form

How to delete answers

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  • In general, if there is icon “x” in the answer blank, click it to delete.
  • Besides, if there’s no sign “x”, hold the answers until the remove notification board appear (for about 3 seconds). Some special notes will be specified in each question.


The answer cannot be empty

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  • When enumerators forget to enter data for a question, the screen will display a notification and will not allow enumerators to move to next question. Therefore, enumerators should carefully observe to avoid missing answering questions.



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  • In case any incidents affect the quality of the interview or you want to exit the current form to enter a new one, click the icon Back of the device and then click “Ignore Changes”