Fieldwork Management

##Survey Progress
The manager can easily grasp the progress of the survey when using “Survey Progress”

Notable that the system status and field reports

  • System Status: Best system environment, Devices & Users

  • Field reports:
    Official data Submission on Server or on device
    Real-time fieldwork reports on device
    The report details the status of each instance.

##Data Entry

  • You can see the final data of each form which enumerators have completed and submitted read time

Users see a list of finalized instances of the specific form. Users select single or multiple instances then assign an action for them which will be sent to relevant enumerators

##Devices & Users

  • Manager can see Active Device Status and profile of user

  • Manager can send document, send notification, send task reminder, send text messages and view form on device.

##Fieldwork Plans

  • Interview Calendar

  • Set Interview Plans

  • Set Zone Plans


  • Read time chat