[AutoQC] - Appium server setup on IOS Server

If appium is started by php code. It will fail to build wda (xcodebuild). (Codesign error)
If appium is started manually, everything works perfectly.

Created a bash script to start appium manually and add it to login items
Appium log files are there too.

Code appiumopen.sh:
#!/bin/zsh export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH echo $PATH > /Users/rta/appiumstartup/appiumlog.txt appium --relaxed-security --session-override -p 6002 > /Users/rta/appiumstartup/appiumlog6002.txt 2>&1 & appium --relaxed-security --session-override -p 6004 > /Users/rta/appiumstartup/appiumlog6004.txt 2>&1 & echo $PATH >> /Users/rta/appiumstartup/appiumlog.txt

Export PATH is necessary.

Open automator application in mac. Create new application, add sh file to it. Save application.
Add that application to Login items in mac setting => Done

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