Action center - How to use


  • Automatically do what you should do manually
  • Help you save: TIME, MONEY and PEOPLE


  • Action job: include TRIGGER and ACTION
  • Trigger: It’s the condition
  • Action:
  • Event:
  • Resource:
  • Data model:

III. Role of Action Center to each type of user

#1. Supporters
#2. Soldevs
#3. Analysts

IV. Cases

1. Sending Notifications & Reminders when instances are successfully submitted or failed to submit

Step1: Creating Message Template
_Message Template -> Design -> New

_The Template has two types: Notification and Reminders. The difference between them is that Reminders have due dates
media-20180102 (2)

_Source Type: The information source that the Template receives to produce the message

The sources include Resource, Data Model and Webhook

media-20180102 (3)

_Webhook allows you to choose different variables (columns) that should be listed as content of the notifications or reminders.

In Webhook key name, choose Local Action Center

To select the variables which you wish to appear in your message, type: of your

For example: If your variable names rta_payer_id, type data.rta_payer_id. The content box will print:

media-20180102 (4)

List Type decides which users you want to receive the notifications or reminders.

media-20180102 (5)

Step2: Creating new job

_Action Center -> Design -> New Job

_Add new trigger -> Instance -> Submitted/Failed -> Save

_Add new action -> Communication -> Choose the Message template that you have just created -> Save